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John Appleyard has been practising as a Dental Surgeon since 1981. Born in 1958, he graduated from the internationally regarded Dental School of The University of Adelaide.

John has two sons, one studying Oral Health Therapy progressing to Dentistry, and one studying Medicine.

In 1992, Dr Appleyard travelled to Sweden to undertake Surgical and Prosthodontic (Crowns/Bridges & Implant Supported Solutions) training at the prestigious Branemark Institute for Dental Implants and Oral Rehabilitation. John is an Accredited Implant Surgeon/Practitioner from the University of Gothenburg – where original modern Oral Implants were invented and rigorously scientifically researched.

John has surgically placed and restored well over 1,000 oral implants over many years, often including bone grafting, sinus lifts as needed to allow for more bone volume, guided bone regeneration with use of membrane stabilization, connective tissue grafting etc; from just one to multiple implants in cases as needed to provide the desired result after full discussions with the patients.

During the latter part of his studies, he won a Defence Force Scholarship in 1979, awarded by selection for his academic and clinical recommendations by tutors. He served as a Captain Dental Officer in the Army until the middle of 1984. During 1983 (leave without pay from Army) and 1986, Dr Appleyard undertook Post-Graduate Hospital Resident Training in Oral Diagnosis, Oral & Plastic Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial, Head & Neck Cancer Surgery, and Orthodontics in Scotland and England. These posts involved working 1 in 2 on call rosters within NHS Hospital Emergency Departments for Maxillo-Facial Trauma. These positions were associated with the Faculties of Dental Surgery, Royal Colleges of Surgeons, Edinburgh, England and Ireland Accredited Oral Surgery Training Programmes. John returned to Australia due to the ill-health and then sudden untimely death of his mother. This experience persuaded him to enter General Dental Practice but with an emphasis on the more complex management of patients.

John maintains his knowledge through regular attendance at Post-Graduate courses. Advanced Training in Sedation (while in the Australian Army and during the above Surgical Training) and extended study in Orthodontics has been undertaken, as well as in Endodontics & Periodontics.

Also undertaken was an advanced course in Surgical Anatomy relating to Oral Surgery at University of NSW under guidance of renowned Dr Dzung Vu, as well as advanced courses in Bone & Soft Tissue Grafting at Melbourne University. Multiple other implant updating course have been undertaken by Australian Society of Implant Dentistry over the years.

John is a Member of the Australian Dental Association, and the Irish Dental Council. While Dr Appleyard is not a specialist, his extensive study and overseas experience has allowed him to successfully treat patients in almost all facets of dentistry.

Dr Appleyard was the Consultant Dental Surgeon to Tallangatta Health Service. While in his previous Broken Hill Dental Practice, Dr Appleyard was a Senior Visiting Medical Officer (Dental) and held full admitting and surgical rights at The Broken Hill Base Hospital, with regular operating lists as well as being called for Oral Trauma surgical management/advice often in association with Orthopaedic or General Surgeons as the patient’s condition required. John has held full admitting & theatre rights at Albury-Wodonga Private Hospital since 1998.

The Dental Practice and Professional Staff

John established the current Albury practice in 1998, and it has grown to include himself, Dr Tony Tao, and Ms Jackie Edmunds (who is an Oral Health Therapist with an Advanced Diploma in Adult Dental Therapy as well from Melbourne University.)

Dr Tony Tao – Graduated with Honours from UQ, with excellent reports from tutors as being advanced level standard for dental student. Interests include dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic smile enhancements. Tony is also fully accredited for GA work at AWPH and welcomes referrals from Nervous, Anxious, Paediatric and Special Needs Patients in association with Dr Appleyard who has extensive skills in these areas and over 30 years of experience. My interests include advancing my dental skills and knowledge, music, cooking, computers, bush walking, reading and having fun!. My partner is currently in 4th year dentistry at UQ and she is looking forward to joining Dr Appleyard’s extensively equipped practice in 2019. The high standard of care which the practice always attempts to attain impressed me greatly to choose to move here. The sophisticated diagnostic 3D Digital low dose X-Ray Scan reconstruction equipment is second to none and is rarely found in country practices. I was impressed that the practice is Nationally Accredited by the NSQHS to the highest infection control standards which are regularly audited by the NSQHS (Dr Appleyard’s practice was one of the first to be so Accredited in Australia.)

“Mr Appleyard maintains his knowledge through regular attendance at post-graduate courses”