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A modern mouthguard is like a crash helmet for teeth.

A properly fitting mouthguard is closely moulded to the teeth and absorbs impact.

An incorrectly fitting mouthguard is inefficient, is hard to hold in place and interferes with proper breathing. Mouthguards sold over-the-counter invariably suffer from these disadvantages.

Top mouthguards are made from a special shock-absorbing plastic. The plastic is heated and laid down under pressure on a mould of your teeth inside a special mouthguard former.

Usually a pressure-formed mouthguard has 2 layers of the special plastic laminated (joined) together. Sometimes for heavy duty work, a reinforcing piece or reinforcing strips are placed between the layers

The resulting mouthguard, unlike the over-the-counter variety, is custom-made to fit your teeth. It fits comfortably and does not impede breathing and provides state-of-the-art protection for the teeth and jaws.
It also helps to prevent concussion.

There are various types of mouthguards avialable:

Mouthguard reinforced with an insert or inserts for high impact sports and sports involving racquets and sticks.

Soft pliable mouthguards for low impact sports and for youngsters.

All purpose mouthguard