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We offer a wide range in this respect, including the following:

  • White fillings to replace visible silver ones
  • Home bleaching – a non-invasive technique which restores the natural colour and whitens teeth
  • Veneers – laminate facings for masking discoloured teeth
  • A full programme of crown and bridgework to replace and disguise ugly, damaged or missing teeth.

These photos show the results of home bleaching after two weeks.

The photos to the right show the effectiveness of using bleaching and micro-abrasion to lessen the effects of the white/yellow discolouration of the two front teeth (all teeth were bleached).

These images depict space closure using tooth coloured filling materials (composite resin).

These photos show how an ugly decayed tooth can easily be aesthetically repaired.

In the photos on the right it dramatically displays how one’s appearance and self-esteem can be improved by bleaching discoloured teeth and restoring ugly/chipped teeth with tooth coloured filling materials.

These photos depict the repair of a chipped front tooth using composite resin.

The photos on the right reveal an unfortunate situation where damage has occurred through not using a mouthguard. This child was treated using porcelain veneers.