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Crowns are used to replace the part of the tooth that protrudes into the mouth, especially where these teeth have been heavily filled with old amalgams, or large tooth coloured fillings that cannot support the great force of chewing.

In the case on the right, three back teeth have been restored with porcelain fused to gold (not visible) crowns. These are not only highly aesthetic, but are exceptionally strong and will provide excellent chewing function. Well maintained, they will last for decades

This photo displays the use of all porcelain – highly aesthetic – veneer crowns. In their preparation, not as much tooth structure is removed, but they are usually only indicated for front teeth.

These photos have a mixture of restorations. There is an existing tooth coloured crown on the back tooth, and this is porcelain fused to gold. The next molar along has had a completely ceramic crown placed, and the smaller amalgam filled tooth has had a tooth coloured (composite resin) restoration placed. This is very aesthetic and will give decades of service if the patient maintains good dental hygiene.

This set shows two bridges. These are not conventional “full” bridges, but involve only minimal preparation of adjacent teeth. This gives a good aesthetic result, but must be regularly checked by the dentist. I would prefer to see implants for a case like this.