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Implants are permanent fixtures, embedded in the jaw to provide anchors for the replacement of teeth, or the stabilisation of dentures.

Due to Mr Appleyard’s extensive Oral Surgery and Implant training, surgical procedures can be offered within the practice, or at any of the Hospitals with which he is fully accredited. Sedation is available for office based procedures.

Here we see an excellent example of an implant replacement for a missing front tooth (and also some crowns on the side teeth). The benefit of implants is that no other teeth are cut or involved in the replacement of the tooth. They are highly predictable and the long-term success rate for implants is over 90%. They are cost comparative to a bridge, but better in that they do not involve other teeth. That is, with a bridge, if one tooth fails, the whole unit may be jeopardised. In the case of implants, each tooth stands alone.

This group of photos show implants replacing back teeth, thus restoring excellent chewing function.