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An often-overlooked part of the overall examination is a periodontal screening index (PSR).

This is routinely performed along with an oral cancer-screening exam at the initial comprehensive examination appointment.

These photos shows neglect, and one can see red, puffy gums. In this case, the patient has been well motivated and the after photo displays resolution of the problem, evident particularly in the lower jaw. They have also undergone extensive crown and bridge reconstruction for the lower jaw, and wear a new partial upper denture.

Gum Disease is the most common disease in Western Society. Recent international multi-centre studies have shown a direct and positive link between the incidence of gum disease and a relationship to developing heart disease. (This is now well accepted, as the experts in the field have removed other variables in their research data such as race, smoking, obesity, cholesterol and the usual heart risk factors.) It now appears that the bacteria in periodontal (gum) disease affect not just the surrounding soft tissue, but set up an ongoing release of toxins and by-products. These have not only direct cardiac effects, but also increase the “stickiness” of blood leading to cardiac artery narrowing. Research is progressing in this field at a rapid rate, but the evidence shows that gum disease is NOT good for your general health. Mr Appleyard has undertaken further studies into treatment of gum disease. Certain types of bone loss associated with periodontal disease can be “regenerated”, or hopeless teeth removed and artificial bone replaced – with the possibility of later placing implants.

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